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Not Enough. [Aaron/Jackson]
Title: Not Enough.
Author: toxictriangle
Rating: PG
Pairing: Aaron Livesy/Jackson Walsh
Summary: "Jackson remembers feeling wrong, dirty and disgusting"
Prompt: 34 - Not Enough.
Disclaimer: Don't own, so don't sue, yeah? ;)

“It just makes your life sad.” Jackson sighs “and it kills you.” He keeps his concentrated stare fixed on Aaron, watching his face change, fighting back emotion after emotion; Jackson knows what he’s going through, he can empathise and pin-point every fucking stab of guilt Aaron feels, matching it with his own scars. Jackson remembers feeling wrong, dirty and disgusting, hating himself when nobody else did and failing to realise the latter but he also remembers how it felt afterwards, when he came clean, confessed and finally understood that the world wasn’t out to get him.

“What happened…when you told ‘em?” Aaron questions, matching Jackson’s stare. He’s desperate, he’ll take any kind of hope he’s offered and if said hope comes in the form of Jackson bearing his soul then so be it; Aaron needs to know.

“Nothing…” Jackson shakes his head, breathing steadily and speaking in a hushed tone, almost afraid that they could be heard. He steals a glance at Aaron’s mouth, lips chapped and parted just slightly as he eagerly awaits Jackson’s answer and Jackson can feel the attraction, stronger than ever; fuck the signals and the cautious flirting, they both want it and if only Aaron could bring himself to let them, they could both have it. “They just wanted me to be happy” Jackson continues with a small shrug of his shoulders and there’s a magnetic pull between the pair, each man is sure the other can feel it “because you can be.” Jackson finishes, hoping his words will act as some form of comfort for Aaron, he wants to give the boy hope, convince him that he has nothing to worry about and for a moment he thinks he may have succeeded as they slowly begin to draw forward, lips inching closer by the second and with no interruptions the silence is almost deafening as they finally kiss. Their lips meet and it’s slow and gentle and nothing like anything Aaron had ever imagined it would be, Jackson has stubble and Aaron thinks he sort of likes the feel of it against his face, it’s different, new and exciting all at the same time.

Aaron’s the first to break the kiss, backing up against the door frame, catching his breath and looking anywhere but at Jackson. “It’s okay to enjoy it, you know?” Jackson reminds him, trying to catch Aaron’s eye, Aaron nods and looks up, stepping closer again and placing a hand on Jackson’s cheek, his thumb stroking over the patch of stubble.

“Yeah. Yeah, I know.” Aaron whispers, his lips crashing against Jackson’s for a second time. Jackson’s arm snakes around the other boy’s waist and pulls him closer as their mouths create a sickeningly sloppy noise, the kind that would usually piss Aaron off and lead to a smart-arse comment but not this time; this time the noise only fuels the desire and Jackson finds himself pinned against the door frame by a pair of very close, jean-clad hips. Aaron moans into the kiss and opens his mouth a little wider just as the door to the cottage is shoved open and raised voices can be heard, the pair spring apart with kiss-swollen lips and flushed cheeks. Eyes trained on the door in panic, Aaron holds his breath and mentally notes that what he has with Jackson – it’s not enough; and he’s certainly going to need more.
Prompt number 34 onthe table - 'Not Enough.'
I'm such a tease at times ;)
but I really didn't want to ruin what I thought to be a brilliant episode by adding any half-arse effort smut into the mix :)
Hope whoever takes the time to read this enjoys it.
Comments are always greatly appreciated!

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please do more of these! im obsessed with them they are all amzing, you are such a good writer!

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