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Drink. [Aaron/Jackson]
Title: Drink.
Author: toxictriangle
Rating: PG
Pairing: Aaron Livesy/Jackson Walsh
Summary: "Jackson Walsh, as a rule, was a steady drinker"
Prompt: 60 - Drink.
Disclaimer: Don't own, so don't sue, yeah? ;)

Jackson Walsh, as a rule, was a steady drinker; he was rarely seen drunk, he had never thought himself stupid enough to wind up in such a humiliatingly vulgar state. It was juvenile and irresponsible and he had only gone out for a few drinks after all, just a few; but alas, here he was with his right arm hooked around Aaron’s neck in an attempt to steady his dragging foot steps, his left arm swinging loose by his side, occasionally raising his hand to emphasize the chorus of a song Aaron couldn’t quite decipher.

Practically carrying Jackson back to Smithy cottage in a drunken stupor wasn’t exactly what Aaron had had in mind for 2:48 on a Sunday morning, he was hoping for a warm bed by now, with a warm, sober Jackson beside him; just his luck, Aaron huffed. Jackson had already emptied the contents of his stomach outside of Bar West – twice and Aaron had noted with a bemused smile, Jackson’s desperate attempt at keeping his shoes a fair distance from wherever his lunch was about to land. “How did you even get like this, aye? I left you alone for all of five minutes?”

“I jus- jus…I want to sleep.” Jackson groans through a hiccup, shifting what the younger man believes to be the rest of his body weight onto Aaron’s left shoulder. He grunts and holds Jackson’s waist tighter than before, his fingers clutching at the leather of his jacket in an effort to keep his boyfriend steady. “I love you, you know?” Jackson swoops his head to the side dramatically, shooting Aaron the best sex-eyes he can muster under the circumstance but Aaron only rolls his in return, ignoring what he presumes to be Jackson’s ‘rape-eye’ technique.

“So you should, I’m the only one daft enough to carry you home at stupid-o-clock in the morning.”

“You’re not.” Jackson yawns and then without warning his legs almost give, his knees buckling as he trips and Aaron’s grip tightens around the older man’s waist again, keeping him upright as best he can.

“I’m not what, Jackson?” Aaron asks through gritted teeth and a clenched jaw; he’s annoyed, cold and wants to go to bed but he knows he wont be sleeping any time soon – Jackson dragging his feet means it’s taking them half the time to get home and even when they do reach the warmth of the cottage, Aaron will stay up to make sure that his boyfriend sleeps on his side and doesn’t throw up again because truth be told, Aaron isn’t entirely sure what he’d do without Jackson.

“Not an idiot, not stupid…well, bit of an id-idiot.” Jackson hiccups “My idiot though.” He continues “But you, you’re beautiful; all of you.” And when Jackson says this, his eyes are focussed for the first time in hours and Aaron remembers why he fell in love with this man in the first place. Aaron smiles up at him and leans over carefully to kiss his boyfriend on the cheek as they stumble towards the cottage. Jackson hiccups again, his eyes wide and his legs not quite working as fast as he’d like them to when he notices home getting nearer.

“Easy, tiger.” Aaron laughs as he feels Jackson lurch forward, desperate for home.
“We’re almost there.”

Both men are huddled close, clutching one another for steady support and warmth as they stagger towards the cottage door.

Jackson’s head is still spinning and the cold night air is doing him no good, he knows he’s weaving and he is most certainly aware of the fact that he looks like a complete idiot right now, hanging off of his boyfriend’s shoulder, slurring declarations of love; it’s all sickeningly cliché but the way Aaron rolls his eyes, a soft smile playing at the corners of his mouth lets Jackson know that he is already forgiven.

Well, the exhibition hasn't even started yet [roll on Friday] but my art work is finally hung [as you can see here, My final piece] and I have a free week :) so here it is, just a short one to ease me back into it all but ya'll can certainly expect more ;)
I hope you like it, I'm not sure what made me choose the drink prompt but I had fun with it ^_^

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Oops, forgot to ask: You'll post this at the emmerdale_aaron comm will you? They'll love it to pieces there.

Really glad you liked it :)
I know what you mean about Jackson being very OOC but I wanted to mix it up a little, it seemed too obvious to have Aaron being the legless one =P but yes, of course I'll post to emmerdale_aaron :D

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